What Is Wrong With Society?

What the actual fuck is wrong with the people in society?

I understand that teenagers can be rude.  They can be loud and obnoxious and make you want to rip out your own hair, one piece at a time, and strangle them with it.

I’ve almost come to expect teenagers, out in public, to be little assholes.  Self-absorbed, entitled jerks.  When I actually see a teen being productive or kind, it almost catches me off guard.  My first thought is Wow, their parents did something right!

What I have a problem with is adults.  My age or older, being rude and oblivious to other humans.

This morning as I was leaving Starbucks, a man who I can guess to be around 50, walked out in front of me and let the fucking door close in my face.  I had to stop it with my foot, as to not drop my coffee, that I had just paid $4.95 for.  I loudly said “Ummm, THANK YOU!”.  He didn’t even acknowledge me.

As I was letting the steam clear from my ears, I kindly held the door open for a woman who was walking in at the same time.  She just walked in.  Didn’t say one fucking word.  So I, not so quietly, said “YOU’RE WELCOME!”

I am usually willing to give one person a day, the benefit of the doubt when they are rude.  Maybe they just got some horrible news in their personal life or maybe they are daydreaming about the wild, amazing sex they are going to have later.

ONE person a day can have my understanding.  But two people?  Two people, in the span of less than a minute, before 8:00am?

It’s fucking ridiculous.

I don’t know what has caused society to be this way.  I stand in Starbucks every morning.  I am there sometimes for up to 15 minutes, depending on how many people are waiting for drinks.  Everyone is on their phone.  Checking Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or sending naked pictures.  Ok, I’m speculating on the last one.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m that girl too.  I am on my phone as well, but it makes me sad that no one makes eye contact.  No one makes small talk.

People are so self absorbed and rude.

I was raised to hold the door open for others.  I was raised to help elderly people.  I was raised to respect humans.  This does not seem to be the case these days.

I want people in society to give a shit.

I want people in society to be good and honest and caring.

I am the girl who will tuck in your tag, if you are standing in front of me in line.

I am the girl who carried an umbrella back in to the store, in the pouring rain, because someone left it in the front of a shopping cart.

I am the girl that found $180 cash on the floor of a Circle K and gave it to the cashier.

I am the girl that will stop and patiently let an elderly person cross the parking lot, because I’m not in that big of a hurry.

I’m not perfect.  I have bad days.

I have probably let the door slam in someone’s face, without meaning to, because I just wasn’t paying attention.  But I guarantee that if I knew, I would have made it right.  I would have apologized.

People don’t give a shit.

They are lost in their own world.

I’m afraid for my daughter and how things will be for her, when she is my age.  Will people even speak anymore?


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