Men Suck

Ok, not all men.

Some men are good.  I’m sure of it.  Chipper Jones, Luke Bryan and Chris Webber are probably all good men.  At least in my dreams they are.

All of the guys in country music, romance novels and romantic comedies are good guys. At least their characters are.

Anyway, right now, I am hating men.

The 29 year old, told me on Monday that he wanted to make things work.  That he would call me on Tuesday, when he got off work.

Well, now it’s Wednesday night and I haven’t heard a peep from him.  Not one word. Not a text, not a phone call.

This makes me sad all over again.  I let myself feel some hope that he was serious about making things work.  I let myself believe that maybe there was a reasonable explanation or all the red flags I was feeling.  I was excited to talk to him, adult to adult, and get to the bottom of things.  AND. MOVE. FORWARD.

I feel like a complete asshole.

I feel stupid for believing in him.  For believing there may be an “us”.

Shocking.  There is no fucking “us”.

There was this guy that I was seeing for a while.  Off and on. It was a physical relationship only.  I mean, we spent time talking but ultimately, it was about sex.

Really, really great sex.

Well, I was going to go see him tonight.  I was mad at the 29 year old and my feelings were hurt.  It was justified in my own mind.

Stop judging me.

Ok, you can judge me.  But please don’t voice it.  I know it was a bad idea.

Anyway, I texted him to make sure we were still on.  He responded with “Totally! Bring some Fireball because I’m almost out”  I said that I wasn’t going to be drinking Fireball anymore.  So it wasn’t a concern if he was out.  He said “then bring me some Sailor Jerry”.

Excuse me?

Are you fucking serious?

We are having sex.  That’s all.  I needed some physical attention and a couple of good orgasms.

It is not my job, nor my responsibility to take him alcohol.

I was livid.

I told him never mind.  Maybe another time.

Didn’t hear back from him.

Also, tonight, found out that my love in New York, has a girlfriend.  it should surprise me, he’s handsome and sweet and wonderful.

He’s the other half of my heart.

He’s in New York.  He’s in a relationship.

I’m in California.  Single.  Without New York.

Men Suck.

Dating Sucks.

29 Year Olds Suck.

Sailor Jerry Sucks.

New York Sucks.

Next week, I may go back to Tinder.  Just to have something laugh at, occupy my thoughts with and write about.


7 thoughts on “Men Suck

  1. Indeed, it often sucks. But if you’ve ever been in sales (I was, a lifetime ago), you’ll know that one “yes” makes up for the 50 “no” responses you got before it.

    Depending on what you want, you may want to start to identify red flags in early days of dating. Might help you avoid some of the douchey behavior. But that’s no guarantee!

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