A Phone Call I Never Expected

This morning, right after getting to work, my cell phone started buzzing.

Who in the hell is calling me this morning?

I looked down at my phone and it was the Accidental Relationship.

Oh, so he can call, after ignoring my texts for a month?  Asshole.

I answered it.  My heart skipped a beat when I heard his voice.

Some things never change.

Our relationship, if you want to call it that, has been an odd one, from the beginning.

We met in February, 2013.  I was at a karaoke bar with some friends from work and we started talking.  He sang a little Luke Bryan for me and I was instantly hooked.  We talked.  He told me he had a girlfriend but that it was on and off.

I gave him my number.

We spent two years flirting and having amazing sex and ultimately becoming friends.

We sang karaoke together, went to Kings games together and supported each other through rough times.

I always had the girlfriend in the back of mind, but just didn’t care that much about her.

Insert the field of no fucks growing, here.

In February, 2015, our relationship changed.  He took another girl to karaoke.  Someone who wasn’t me and someone who wasn’t his girlfriend.

My heart was broken.  I was willing to come second to her, but didn’t want there to be anyone else.

I ended the relationship, then and there.  I ended the friendship, then and there.

I’ve missed him.

I’ve reached out to him a few times and gotten very few responses.

I’ve texted him four times in a month and haven’t heard one word from him.

And here he was calling me.

He’s moving to Washington State, to be with his parents.  A health scare with his dad has made him realize that people don’t live forever and he doesn’t want his dad to pass away, without him having some good time with him.

I get it.

He tells me he is taking all four of his children with him.

I’m impressed.

He tells me he is leaving in a few weeks, as soon as he gets everything in order.

Oh.  That’s soon.

I asked him if I’d be able to see him before he left.  His response was “no, probably not”.

Oh.  Ok. 

He did tell me that I meant enough for a phone call and that he would just have a lot going on in the next few weeks.

My eyes welled up with tears.  I would not cry over him again, but it was close.

I’m going to miss my Accidental Relationship, so much.  More than I realized after hearing his voice today.

I genuinely loved him.  Maybe there is a part of me that still does.  Maybe I always will.

Ok I lied…some tears just fell.


3 thoughts on “A Phone Call I Never Expected

  1. I’m sorry, but if you meant so much to him. He would have made an effort to see you before he leaves. Plus the fact that he hadn’t replied to your messages and then out of the blue contacts you to tell you he’s leaving? It all sounds a bit off to me. I am genuinely sorry that you are in pain over this man, my hearts goes out to you because I know how it feels. He should have seen you one last time.

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