Non-Typical Monday

I generally have pretty good weekends.

Whether I am going out or staying in and doing nothing.  They don’t include work, so that makes it count as “pretty good”.

You know the routine.  You wake up happy on Friday and get happier throughout the day.  You love your Saturday sitting around, eating junk food and watching trashy TV.  Sunday morning you wake up and get some coffee and sit out in the sunshine smoking a Marlboro Light (or your nicotine of choice).  But as Sunday night rolls around, you start to think about Monday morning.  The work that you didn’t on Friday.  In your brain, you try to figure out what you are going to wear, because frankly, after the three gallons of ice cream you ate this weekend, nothing probably fits anyway.  You end up going to be pissed off because Monday is back.

Ok, maybe that isn’t how most people spend their weekends.  But I do.  A lot of them.

Well, this weekend was so shitty, I decided I was grateful that Monday was finally here.

This wasn’t a weekend where you can really pinpoint anything horrible that happened.  It’s not like OMG, the tornado came and dropped a zebra right in the middle of my roof and it came crashing down.  Right on TV, while I was watching Bones!!  or I was on the phone and I didn’t recognize the other number calling in, so I let it go to voicemail.  Imagine my surprise, when the voicemail said it was Chris Webber and I had 3 minutes to call him back, before he married someone else!  FUCK!!  It’s been 7 minutes!!  NOOOOOO!!!

So, nothing really awful happened.  It was just one of those weekends.

I decided on Friday night, that a haircut was in order.

One of my bonus daughters, is in cosmetology school.  She is fabulous. She has been hiding my grey coloring my hair for a almost a year now and has cut it once.  When she got out of school on Friday night, she grabbed her shears (that’s what they call them in school) and headed to my house to cut my hair.

Let me paint a quick picture, with my words.  In early March, my hair was almost down to my waist.  It’s thick and pretty.  I have always loved my hair.  It’s a nice chocolately brown mahogany color and very rich looking.  I had Bonus Daughter cut it for me then.  She cut about seven inches off and it looked great.  It was right at my bra strap (when I’m wearing one).

Anyway, on Friday night, she was cutting.  I kept asking her to go shorter.  Trying to be a different me, I suspect.

Well, now, it rests on my shoulders.  Maybe a little longer in back.  It is a great haircut.  She did an amazing job.  But I’m sad.  I miss my long hair and I feel like this haircut looks like an “older mom cut”.  Contrary to what friends and family have said.

Saturday, I woke up and started cleaning my house a little.  I steam cleaned my carpets and after cutting my knuckle open while doing so, I needed to get out of the house before I cried some more.

I threw my hair up in a bun, to forget the length and drove the 23 miles to my mom’s house.  I ate dinner, sat in the grass and played with her goats.  No, that’s no weird euphemism.  She has goats.

She's a drinker.  Red Solo Cup, I'll fill you up...
She’s a drinker. Red Solo Cup, I’ll fill you up…

I headed home, feeling a little better and my daughter and I had ice cream and a slumber party.

You would think between goat play and ice cream, that I would be back on track.

Stop. Right. There.  Don’t get carried away with thoughts of cute little furry animals and dairy products.

Sunday was not so good for me.

I was emotional and blah and wanted to cry at the drop of a hat.  I actually did.  Several times.  It was just one of those days.

Here is a quick, useless, bullet-point list, of the things that I was upset about yesterday.

  • My hair
  • My job sucking ass
  • Money.  On Friday, I had -$6.00
  • Accidental Relationship moving to WA
  • The 29 year old not being honest
  • My daughter possibly moving back in
  • My daughter not wanting to move back in
  • Money.  I know it’s on here twice, but it’s a huge frustration
  • The blue, red and silver decorations on my nails
  • Not being able to afford a pedicure
  • Bad grammar and lack of punctuation on dating sites
  • Dating sites.  Period.

So yes, it was irrational and probably overly dramatic.  I had had enough.  Plain and simple.

So today, I woke up and forced my hair to look cute.  I put on a cute cool outfit, to match the 100 degree weather outside.

I applied for a new job, sold some clothes to the consignment shop and found my daughter a couple different options of places to move, that are not my house.

I will make dinner and watch the Men Tell All tonight.

Monday doesn’t suck.  Not as bad as my weekend was.

Tomorrow, an update on Tinder, OKCupid and the 29 year old.

Happy Monday, y’all.  xoxo


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