The Bachelorette Pre-Finale Post

**Warning: This post contains fluff about “reality” TV.  I use the term loosely.**

I love the Bachelor/ette TV series.  Everything about it.

The people, the locations, the fancy dates and especially, Chris Harrison.

I know that very few of these couples actually make it.  I know so much of it is scripted and that it is easy to fall in love in those environments, but I. Don’t. Care.  I love the damn show.

It is the romantic, searcher of happily-ever-after, in me.

This season started out interesting.  Two Bachelorettes.  I crossed my fingers that Kaitlyn would be the one chosen.  I was not a fan of Britt’s, even on Farmer Chris’ season.

Kaitlyn was chosen as the Bachelorette.  Yay!


Her season has been very emotional.  Or, as Chris Harrison would say, “The Most Dramatic Ever”.

Drunk guys.  A Bro-mance.  The Princeton Grad.  Crazy Healer.  The Return of Nick.

She had some wonderful guys as well.

Showing up in a cupcake car.  Bringing her moonshine.  One with horrible facial hair but a heart of gold.  The two Bens.  Oh…and Shawn Booth.  *swoon*

Tonight, the finale of her “journey to find love” will air.  Undoubtedly, dramatic.

Good vs. Evil

Perfect vs. Serial Killer

Shawn Booth vs. Nick Viall

Good vs. Evil
Good vs. Evil

I cannot fucking wait.  I was hurrying my weekend along, in anticipation for tonight’s show.

I love Shawn Booth.

I hate Nick Viall.

Shawn is the perfect man.  The man who could sweep any girl off her feet.  You see his big strong arms and his winning smile and just melt.  Talk about panty dropping!

Nick is creepy.  He was runner-up on Andi’s season and here’s hoping he’s runner-up again.  He smiles at awkward times, he talks to much about Andi and he looks like a serial killer.

I’m a lunatic.  I know this.

Please stop rolling your eyes at me and muttering what a loser I am under your breath.

The Bachelorette is my guilty pleasure.

Can’t wait!!


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