Making New Friends and an Update On E

I have always been quite the social butterfly.

In High School, I didn’t consider myself “popular”, but I did have a lot of friends.  I was friends with everyone.  The jocks, the nerds, the band members.  I literally loved everyone, except the cheerleaders.  They were awful!  (Partly kidding, as one of my long time best friends was a cheerleader)

Over the years, you drift apart.  Some go to college, some have babies, some get married and some die.  It just happens.  It’s all a very natural process.  The older you get, the more you also realize that quality friends are more important than the quantity of friends.

If you look at my Facebook, looks like I have tons of friends!  I don’t.  I have tons of acquaintances.  People that I’m ok with them knowing that I love Carl’s Jr. Western Bacon Cheeseburgers and hate yoga.  Not people that I would be ok with them knowing that I love sex and want to do it as much as possible.

Since I’ve been single, I’ve been missing having girlfriends.  Girls that you can get together with, have a few drinks, sing karaoke and just “be” with.  I really only had 3 people that I felt like I could be myself with.  I could cry, show up without showering or laugh until I almost peed.  I know these girls would love me anyway.  The problem is that one of them lives almost three hours away and is in the middle of a semi-ugly divorce, one of them has been living with her boyfriend until recently and the other has been married for 39 years and has custody of her pre-teen grandkids.

One of my best friends J, is the one that was living with her boyfriend (who I hate) but she just recently moved out and moved in with one of our newly single mutual girlfriends.

This, my friends, is a party waiting to happen!

I have been spending quite a bit of time over there with these girls.  And the very, very cool thing about this situation, is that I have been introduced to two awesome women!

One is happily married, with two little girls, but she is a comedienne and makes me want to pee myself, every time I see her.  She is so supportive and her personality is very parallel to mine.  The other is a single mom of three littles and completely awesome.

They are both awesome and I love to be able to call them friends now.  It’s also very cool that we all text and talk all the time, but feel comfortable hanging out as a group, or separately.

I think women need to realize how important it is to have other girlfriends.  Husbands, boyfriends and couple friends are fine, but there are very few things more fun than just being yourself with girls who get you.

Quick update on E…

He’s awesome.

I adore him.  He adores me.

The sex is amazing.  Every fucking time.  Amazing.

I think I have actually used the term “Mind Blowing”.  It’s so accurate.

We are typically seeing each other about twice a week.  It has been working out well because by the time we see each other again, we are craving each other.

As good as the sex is though, I love the conversation with him.  We talk about anything and everything.

He makes me smile.


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