Sometimes, Good Things Happen


I have never been secret about my love affair with Luke Bryan.

If I had the money, I would travel the world to see this man.  His voice.  His smile.  His dancing.  Oh…his dancing.

I have seen him twice in concert, including last year, when I purchased a fairly high priced ticket on Stub Hub, and went alone.


Yesterday, I realized that Luke was going to be here on Thursday night.

I’m broke.

I posted on Facebook that I could not believe that I wasn’t going to be able to see Luke this year.  Now, I realize that to some, it’s just a concert.  For me, it’s Luke Bryan.

How could he be coming to Northern California and me not see him?

*Fast forward to this morning*

Alarm goes off.  How can it be morning already?!?!

I hit snooze and lay back down.  Take that!

Alarm goes off again.  Fuck you.

Go outside and smoke.  I do not want to go to work today!

Turn on the radio.  I still do not want to go to work.

Radio DJ’s remind me that Luke will be here tomorrow.  Thanks.  I fucking remember.

“You could win tickets to see Luke Bryan!”  Really?  Ok.  I’ll try.

“Not only tickets, pit passes to tomorrow’s show!”  Oh fuck!

“Here’s your question: What is Luke’s real first name?”  I know this!!

“Call now” Ok, I’m fucking dialing!


“Hi! What’s the answer?”


“You’re a winner!  You are going to see Luke Bryan tomorrow night!!!”

Oh.  My.  Fucking.  God. 

It was not a dream.  I won two pit passes to tomorrow night’s show.  Luke Bryan.  Me.  Tomorrow night.  Pit passes.

I could pee myself.

Good things happen to those who love Luke Bryan.

And I do.



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