I’m Struggling

Since my last post, I have talked to E.  We have decided to put this fight behind us and move on.


Kind of.

Things haven’t changed.

Except he told me he loved me.

I’m back and forth on the reality of the situation and my expectations.  I’m hoping I’ll be able to put the words to my thoughts, in the next day or so.


4 thoughts on “I’m Struggling

  1. Did I miss something? Why are you fighting? I know you’ve pretty much fallen for him and he’s said that he loves you. Maybe you both need to sit down and discuss if the dynamic has changed?

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    1. We got in a big fight two weeks ago. Things got bad and we basically quit talking. It’s my internal struggle in my heart that is making things so difficult for me now. I know…it’s confusing. I’m confused. xoxo

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      1. We do. We talk daily. Just at different points in what we are looking for right now, but neither of us are ready to say goodbye either. 🙂 Thank you for the sweet words. xoxo

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