Mind v Reality

I have no doubts that E loves me.  Not one doubt.

However, I know he is also scared to love me.  To love anyone.  Right  now.  He has told me that he may get to a point where he pulls away a little bit.  For self preservation maybe.  I don’t know.  It’s not how I work, so I can’t explain it.

I feel like he’s doing that today.

It may all be in my head.  I have been known, a FEW times, to get worked up in my own head and before I know it, things are completely blown out of proportion.

He may just be having a bad day.

He may be having a great day but just be overly tired.

He may have something on his mind that has nothing to do with me.

Because of the situation, my mind gets the better of me.  Always.

I’m panicking a little bit.

What if he has a date?

What if he is pulling away?

Will he come back?

Will things be ok?



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