Faking It


Attention Women: We need to quit faking it.  For our benefit and theirs.

Attention Men: We fake it.  You usually aren’t that good.

I feel it is pretty safe and necessary for me to write this post.  At this point in my life, I am having the best sex of my entire life.  I have not had to fake it one time with E.  Thank goodness!

Women fake orgasms for two main reasons.

  • To make men happy.
  • To make the sex end.

We’ve all be there.

This guy is amazing.  He’s so sweet to me and so good to me.  He’s trying SO hard in bed.  I want him to be happy and think he’s doing a good job.  It does feel good, so I’ll fake it this time, and I’m SURE next time will end better. 

This is the worst sex of my life!  This guy couldn’t find my G-Spot if I drew him a fucking map!  Oh hell, just fake it, give him something to feel good about and get it over with!

Here are the problems with women faking it: We get nothing out of it and it inflates men’s egos.

Women will walk away from a faked orgasm and think When can I fit in playing with myself today?  At least I can make myself cum. 

Men will walk away from a faked orgasm and think Wow!  I rocked her fucking world!  I must be the James Bond of sex! 

Giving men the false sense of accomplishment, not only hurts us, it hurts all future partners.   They go into future sexual endeavors with the head up high and the chest puffed up.  Then the cycle repeats itself.

I imagine this is how the scenario goes.

He is in bed with his future sex partner.  He is doing everything wrong.  Moving left when he should be moving right.  Licking like a mad man, when he should be nibbling.  Not using enough pressure or worse, using too much pressure.  His flavor of the moment is thinking Oh my God, I wish the bitch before me wouldn’t have faked it!  Now I have to.  Then she will start moaning, arching her back and moving her hips to make the man believe she is cumming.

Repeat the process.

It’s not good.  For anyone.

I have thought to myself, for years, that I wouldn’t fake it anymore.  That I would try to keep things honest for my man and all future partners.  But frankly, it just isn’t that easy.

Now, on the flip side, if your man gives you legitimate orgasms on a regular basis and one night, you just aren’t feeling it, fake that shit!

Just a little service announcement from me.

Women, don’t fake it if you can help it.  You are just hurting future partners.

Men, you won’t know we are faking it.  But chances are, someone along your lifetime of partners probably has.



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