If I Had Won The Powerball…

The Powerball Lottery drawing was last night.  It was like $83.5 bazillion.  I may be exaggerating that. 

At my work, we all put in a couple bucks and bought a bunch of tickets together.  So we could all clearly say “Fuck you!” to this company and storm out together.

The thought of splitting $83.5 bazillion, got me to thinking about what I would do if I won that kind of money.

So, without further ado, here is what I would do, if I was the Powerball Lotto Winner…

  1. Buy every ticket to a Luke Bryan concert and let him sing solo to me.  Yep.  I would shake it for Luke, while he shook it for me.
  2. I would pay my mom back the $1,627.00 I owe her.  I would even include interest!
  3. Buy tickets to see the Atlanta Braves play in every stadium in the USA.  Especially in Atlanta.  God knows, I should have gone years ago, but that’s a whole other blog post. 
  4. Travel with the Sacramento Kings for all 82 regular season games.  Ok, maybe not travel WITH them, but definitely fly around to support them in every game.  They may think it was weird to fly with them.
  5. I would buy my daughter and her sister the $2,000.00 meet and greet for Justin Bieber.  Oh, she’d love me more than she already does!
  6. I would buy myself a new car.  Nothing fancy.  Just a fully loaded Chevy truck.  Maybe a Tahoe.  I’m not a Lexus or Mercedes type girl.  Give me a slightly lifted truck, blaring some Luke. 
  7. I would buy a house with a little bit of property.  Not a big house.  Unless I hired a maid also.  Which I could do with a bazillion dollars.  I would also buy some pet goats and a miniature donkey.  They are cute as fuck.
  8. I would also buy my daughter and her sister a house.  But far enough away from mind.  You think I’m joking. 

Those would have been my big plans had I won some money.

Since we won NOTHING, I will continue to come to my work every day and enjoy reading everyone else’s blogs.


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