Random Thoughts On A Wednesday


It’s been a while since I had a random post to just catch up on some things.

I believe at one time, I tried to start Random Wednesday, but I’m either making that up in my head or Wednesdays got forgotten about.

Here’s bunch of nonsense shit from me.

For those of you who might be wondering, E and I are still together.  Last night, he told the roommate she had to move out and had 30 days.  She decided to move out this weekend.  Hold on while I try to contain my excitement!!

For those of you who told me to hang on and see what happens, I love you all!

For those of you who thought I was a lunatic for believing in him, I love you too.  But this relationship is proof positive of two things 1) when you meet the right man, situations can change, quickly.  2) Tinder may be considered a “hook up” app, but relationships can follow the “hooking up”.

On a related note, relationships can work when you put out on the first date.

Girls are mean.  I guess I should say that girls can be mean.

It’s very possible that a 13 year friendship has ended because of some mean things a “friend” said to me.  I refuse to apologize.  I didn’t do anything wrong.

After 13+ years, me getting married and subsequently divorced, her getting divorced, her daughter being on drugs and running away, her having shitty relationships, me having shitty relationships and her becoming a grandma, she was willing to throw the whole relationship away.  Poof.

She told me that I was a horrible friend, that she was tired of being there for me, that I shouldn’t have attended a birthday party that I was invited to and then told me “Fuck You”.  Ok.  Perfect.  I hung up.

I did nothing to warrant that outburst and frankly, this is far from the first time.  I will not contact her, will not apologize.  She owes me a big time apology.

Please remember, when you are drunk, your words can sting.

I am an avid Bachelor/ette watcher.

Fluff television?  Maybe.  All scripted?  Maybe.

Intriguing beyond words?  You bet!

A few words on Boring Bachelor Ben’s women:

  • The twins from Las Vegas are mentally WAY too young for Ben.  And annoying.  They have their occupation listed as “Twin”.  You aren’t getting paid for it, unless you are doing porn together.
  • Olivia is a crazy lady.  And I don’t mean crazy in a cute little way (like me), I mean bat shit crazy!  And she looks like Cameron Diaz, if Cameron Diaz did crack her whole life.
  • I was a little sad to see Lace go last week.  Her antics were the best.  She said “I’m not crazy!” like 483 times in the first three episodes, to Ben, to the camera and to the other girls.  That’s a sure way to convince someone.
  • I really, really like Becca.  She was on Boring Farmer Chris’ season and clearly he should have picked her, but he apparently is extremely attracted to Muppets.  Becca is stunningly beautiful, soft spoken, looks to stay away from the drama and is a virgin.  Go Becca!

I can’t really give much more of an opinion, because I cheated and looked on the internet to see who Ben chose.  Damn Reality Steve.

I look forward to the Extreme Boring!

I started writing a blog two years ago.  It was about dating and just getting feelings out.  It had a different name and I guess in a way, I was a little bit different person.  I wrote about dear friends dying of cancer and memories of my grandparents.  I wrote about struggles with anxiety and funny stories that I had gone through in my world.  I loved it.

I had to delete that blog and start over because of a small stalker issue.  I am sorry that I had to delete it and lose all the stories I had on there.  All the emotions that went in to those writings.

However, I can say, I cherish this new blog.  I cherish the people I have met on here and been able to form friendships with.  One woman in particular has become a confidant and a big supporter.  I love her for this.  She’s across the States from me and some days, I feel like she’s right here.  You know who you are…thank you.

That’s all in my random life right now.

I feel like I’m walking on clouds today.


5 thoughts on “Random Thoughts On A Wednesday

  1. I am so happy E is having your roommate move out! I hope she doesn’t put up a fight and it all goes smoothly. That is great news!

    About your friend, I don’t understand why she would say that! I hope she apologizes to you! My friend who was mean to me – and not nearly as mean as this woman was to you – did apologize and we have hung out once / had dinner with another friend since then. You’re absolutely right – it’s in her court. If she can’t be nice, she doesn’t deserve to be your friend!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! She has already moved most of her stuff out. She’s angry about me, but I don’t care. He can’t control how he feels about me and how he doesn’t feel about her.

      The situation with my friend is hard, however, this is not the first time she has done this to me over the years. I’m pretty sure the friendship is over. I just hope it’s over quietly and she doesn’t come back with more nasty comments.


      Liked by 1 person

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