Things I Have Finally Learned at 40…

Every day, I try to learn at least one new thing.  Usually it is something little like “oh, they put in a new stoplight there” or “everyone has nipple hair”.

However, I have learned some good things and meaningful things, since I turned 40, a little over seven months ago.

  • True friends will be supportive of you.  They may not always agree with your decisions, but they will always support you.  When you are up or down.
  • I DO deserve to have a man who loves me unconditionally and doesn’t need me to “fix” him.
  • Women can be mean and heartless and bitchy beyond belief.
  • Even though Tinder is primarily considered a “hookup” app, you can still find true love.
  • Sometimes friendships just die.  People grow apart, they can’t be supportive of each other and they just end.  But, having said that, I also believe that friendships can just dissolve with no angry words being thrown around.
  • I look good with lipstick on.
  • You don’t have to know someone very long, to know that you are kindred spirits.  Both men and women.  Dating and friends.
  • I hate the word cunt, but have had to use it a lot lately.  Frankly, sometimes there is no other appropriate word.
  • For years, I have been programmed to think that skinny is what guys are after.  Turns out, not all guys want that.  Some guys do think women are sexy when they have a little meat on their bones.
  • I have also realized that friendships come in many forms.  You don’t have to see someone daily, talk to them on the phone or even have ever met them.  Sometimes you are just spirit animals with someone.

There are just a few things that I have learned.

I have found my love, lost a best friend and made a couple new friends, all since celebrating the 40th anniversary of my birth.

Oh, I also learned that a hair or two on your nipple, isn’t unheard of.


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