Feeling Completely Alone

This month has sucked.

I started my new job, exactly one month ago today.

The day after I started my job, I was in the ER with a corneal ulcer. Yeah. Turns out ulcers on your eye, are no joke. No contact in my right eye for 14 days. Makes it hard to see when you are blind and have no glasses that work.

While dealing with my contactless eye, my daughter was in Mexico and had a rough night. Ended on having to call the resort Dr to come take care of her drunk friend, who couldn’t move. And pay the $150 cash, required by said doctor. Here I was, in the states, no passport. Waiting.

Still contactless, my daughter got home from Mexico. I thought things were bound  to look up.

That exact night, my Pomeranian started having seizures. Emergency vet visit and 2 meds later, we were home. Waiting for the meds to kick in.

Yippee!!  Contact back in, seizures stopped!

Until his trachea started collapsing further. Two more emergency trips to the vet and the decision had to be made. I put my sweet boy to rest. Held him in my arms, in hopes that he would understand why I was doing this.

The day I came home, without him, E decided to help his ex-roommate move, instead of coming home to nurture me and home me.

I gave him the ultimatum that had been a long time coming.

Eventually, he chose me. He said he’ll end his friendship with her.

Its been almost a week since I said goodbye to my sweet boy.

I was hoping today would be better.

I got into a minor fender bender on the way home. My A/C stopped working.

Its midnight in No Cal and it’s 88 degrees in my house.

I don’t know what the universe is trying to tell me. I don’t know what karma is trying to get me back for.

I do know that one person can only take some much. I’m hitting a wall. A breaking point.

Please put some good energy out there for me and my loved ones.

Im feeling a little broken right now.


Needing to vent

It has been a really long time since I’ve posted on here. And I miss you all dearly….however what I have to say probably will not be very popular and may not make others happy.

I am not one who talks a lot about politics. I try to stay away from conversations because I was raised to believe that everyone is entitled to their own opinions. About politics,  religion, sexual orientation and so on.

I’m extremely frustrated by things I’m seeing in the media and on social media.

I voted for Trump. Not because I think he is the answer, but because I BELIEVE Hillary was not. This is my right, as an American, who registered to vote.

I keep seeing comments about how we as Americans failed women. That because we elected Trump into office, we have to sit down and explain to our children, to our daughters, his behavior and derogatory comments he’s made.

I am the mother of a daughter, who is old enough to vote. And the bonus mom to two other girls who are old enough to vote. All three of them formed their own opinions and voted for Trump.

I would much rather explain to them comments that a man made, and that most men have probably made at some point, than to explain to them how a woman in power has no self-worth and allowed her husband to abuse his power while in office. She allowed her husband to have affairs and degrade other women, in a government building. She allowed her husband to her get away with it. When the story broke, why wasn’t she divorcing him and shaming him for his behavior?

Hillary Clinton is no role model.

America is failing. America would continue to fail under Hillary.


I’m entitled to have my political views. As are you. As is every American.