An Open Letter

Dear Roommate,

Oh wait, let me correct that.

Dear EX-Roommate,

For months, I sat back and dealt with the fact that we were dating and sleeping with the same man.  For months, I tried to hide my jealousy at the fact that even though you only had one firm “date” night a week, that you lived with him.  You saw him, laughed with him, ate dinner with him and hung out with him, five nights a week.  But I tried my best to understand him and the situation.

On the nights that you had your official “date” night, I gave him his space.  I didn’t text him, call him or snap chat him.  Even though I didn’t like it, I respected HIM enough to give him his time.

You could never do the same.  Every time he was with me, no matter what we were doing, you would text him.  You would send him snap chats.  You would even send him messages on Facebook.  Even though he wouldn’t respond, you would keep it up, every time we were together.  Every. Fucking. Time.  I tried not to let it bother me.  I tried to understand.

I knew the situation going in to this relationship with him.  He was honest with me about where he was in his life and what he was doing.  He didn’t want a serious relationship and I understood that.  He told you the same thing.

But there was something there between him and I.  Something different.  I knew it.  He knew it.  And apparently, you knew it.

You tagged him on Facebook, every chance you got.  I did not.

You posted pictures of the two of you together.  I did not.

I saw them and cringed.  I saw them and cried.  I saw them and started fights with him.

I finally got to a point where I was comfortable enough to post a picture of him and I together on my Facebook.  I didn’t even tag him in it.  Yet, within minutes, you texted him to tell him that it hurt you to see the pic of us together and made you really sad what MY friends were commenting under it.  You told him to tell me to block you on Facebook.  That you couldn’t block me, because you always had the opportunity to unblock me.

Here’s the thing, ex-roommate, if you don’t like what you are seeing on my Facebook page, quit fucking looking at it.  Quit stalking me.  I already had to block you on Instagram because you were stalking me.  I drew the line at Facebook.

Shortly after that, you did block me on Facebook.  YAY!!  I don’t have to see your shit anymore!!  It was kind of a small victory to me.

Remember the night you and E got in that huge fight?  Oh, you remember.  The night that you got pissed off and walked out, because he told you he was falling in love with me?  Yes.  That night.  He messaged me and asked me to come and pick him up because he was drunk and didn’t want to be home if you came back.  I went to pick him up.  He told me all about the fight and said that he had gotten pissed and broke his phone.  I talked him through it, helped him pack a bag and took him home with me.

On the way home, I told him he needed to message you on Facebook, to let you know that he was safe.  His exact words to me? “Fuck that bitch.  She doesn’t need to know where I’m at.”

That night was the night you decided to unblock me from Facebook.  Do you remember that?  You sent me a message, telling me that you had gotten home and he wasn’t there.  That you were SO worried about him.  You told me that he was drunk and didn’t have a phone.

I responded with a simple message.  “He’s safe.”

You proceeded to tell me some things about you and E and your fight, that I didn’t want to hear.  I remained calm.  I remained factual and tried to do the right thing by him.  I even sent you my cell phone number, so you could call him if you wanted to.  You responded with a message saying that you would never call my cell phone number and sent me yours, but told me to tell him to only call if he REALLY wanted to talk to you.

You know what bitch?  You got your way.  BLOCKED.

The next few months were a lot of the same.

He told you he didn’t want a physical relationship with you anymore.  That you were just friends and roommates.

You cried.

You cried every time he left the house to come be with me.

You cried every time you had a beer with him and he brought me up.

Yet, I still respected the times you guys were together and didn’t message him.

Eventually, he made the decision to be exclusive with me.  Even though he hadn’t been with others in months, it was official.  He asked you to move out and told you that he was moving in with me and that I would be his future.

Here is where things get weird.  Here is where you freaked the fuck out and let your multiple personalities show.

In the two months since this decision was made, you have been a complete bitch to him, cried to him, been sarcastic to him and tried to sleep with him.  How’s that for respect?

I guess there are three things about your behavior that have surprised me the most, since he told you he was moving in with me.

First, you still have a total lack of respect for my relationship with him, for his decision to commit to me.  You send him pictures of you laying in bed, with just the tops of your boobs showing.  You call him babe and sign the picture with xoxo.  I don’t give one fuck how you feel about me, but how disrespectful is that to your “best friend”?

Second, you are so wishy-washy with the things you say to him.  You have told him to tell me to unblock you from Facebook.  That it’s important for you to see the things I tag him in and that you want to know he is happy.  You told him that you want to apologize to me and make things right.  That you want to say you are sorry for being a jealous bitch for all those months.  Here’s the thing, I am a grown ass woman and I will make my own decisions about unblocking you or listening to what you have to say to me.

Lastly, you tell him that you want all of us (me, him, you and your new meal ticket) to hang out.  To have dinner together or possibly go to a concert together.  Yes.  That sounds like something I would want to do.  Right behind poking my own eyes out with a dull pencil and pulling my hair out, one strand at a time and choking myself with it.

I know that losing someone you love isn’t easy.  It hurts like a bitch.  I wouldn’t wish that kind of heartache on anyone.  I do have empathy for you and how you must be feeling.  However, with that said, I do not believe you are handling it the right way.  You can choose to move in two different directions.  You can walk away completely and cut him out of your world.  Let your heart heal.  Mourn the loss of him and the loss of what you had.  OR you can be his friend.  Be happy for him that he has found me and that I make him smile.  You say you want what is best for him, but does that only count if you are the one he chooses?

Stop trying to control what I do in my life.

Stop trying to turn his other friends against with your broken heart.

Stop trying to make him feel bad for falling in love with someone other than you.

Stop trying to win him back by sending him suggestive photos and calling him pet names.

He has asked you to stop, respect him.

He has told you that he loves me, respect us.

And last, but certainly not least, know in your heart that I’m the one he chose.  He wants to spend his life with me and I will do everything in my power to keep that smile on his handsome face.  He loves me.  He is in love with me.  I am his world.  Bitching, crying, naked pictures and begging are not going to change the way his heart feels.

Move on,



All Over the Place

I have three drafts sitting here, unfinished.

I can’t really decide what to write about.  I have a million thoughts in my head and yet nothing seems right, once I see it on the screen.

Sometimes writing feels so natural and sometimes I feel like it’s a complete struggle.

Things are really good with E.  Like really good.  Like too good to be true, actually.  But I try to keep my mind focused on the things that are right, as to not sabotage the relationship.

I couldn’t really sabotage it at this point.  This man loves me.  Wholeheartedly.  He’s in the process of moving the last of his stuff in with me.  Yep.  You read that right.  He’s moving in.  WITH. ME.  Scary.  Exciting.  Lots of sex.

Tinder works.

I have a blog in the works about the surprise he planned for me a few weeks ago.  He really is wonderful to me. 

My old friend, BL, has turned out to be a bigger bitch than I originally thought.  The relationship ended because she’s a bitch and can’t apologize.

Well now, she’s decided to talk shit about me to mutual friends and actually said “I’ll beat her ass if I see her”.

Um, What?!?!

You are almost 40 years old.

Grow the actual fuck up.

I have two friends that are constantly on my mind.  Both fairly new friends.  I want to hug them both and punch the men who are hurting them.

My friend K doesn’t read this blog, she doesn’t even know it exists.  She is a fairly new friend, but one of those people you just click with immediately.  I feel like her and I are complete soul mates and may have been twins in another life.

K is going through so much right now in her marriage.  She is teetering on divorce or trying to work through it.  My heart hurts for her.

And Miss M, I love you dearly and I’m so grateful that this blog has brought us together and that we have built a friendship, 3000 miles apart.

And finally, on my day of randomness, the Bachelor.

This damn show is my guilty pleasure.

Monday is the finale and I can’t wait!

A few thoughts on it:

  • If Caila is the next bachelorette, I’m literally going to rip my own eyes out.
  • I love the final two on this show, but I hurt for them since Ben told them both he loved them.  They both have to think they won.
  • I was skeptical on Ben.  I thought this season was going to be boring, but he has been the best Bachelor in a while.  Very honest.
  • Becca is still my favorite.  I love her.
  • Olivia, Lace and Leah are horrible.

That’s all for now.  All the thoughts swirling in my head are now out on “paper”.

Maybe now, I can finish the blogs I’ve started.

Crazy Train?


Do you ever hear something come out of someone’s mouth and think “Did I board the crazy train?”

I don’t necessarily mean the Ozzy train, although all I can hear is the music in my head at the moment.

As can you.

I’m sorry.

Let me take you on a little trip.

Stop One: The Ex-Roommate

As those of you who have been reading my blog know, E’s now EX-roommate is a real piece of work.  She moved in with him as friends with benefits, long before E knew who I was.  Well, he ended liking me.  Loving me.  And she ended up flipping the fuck out.

She clearly didn’t like me.  Which is fine with me.  I didn’t give one fuck.  But of course, E is her friend and it bothered him a bit.

He ended up ending romantic ties with her and told her they just needed to be friends.  They could still hang out once in a while, but they were just friends and roommates.  No more benefits.

She started stalking my Instagram, which is fine, we ALL do it.  But she would ask him questions about pictures I put on there a year ago.

She started stalking my Facebook, which again is fine, we ALL do it.  But she didn’t like what she saw and told him to ask me to block her.

She finally blocked me on Facebook but then when she couldn’t stand the not knowing anymore, she unblocked me.


I made my Instagram private and did end up blocking her on Facebook.  Bitch doesn’t need to know that much about me.

He finally asked her to move out.  A few months late, in my opinion.

He finally made things official with me.  Whatever “official” means.  I guess we can’t fuck others now.

He is now in the process of moving in with me.  Yippee!!  Full-time, live-in sex!

Since all this happened, she has been sending him sad text messages, mean messages, crying pictures on Snapchat and posting memes about failed love on Facebook.  Oh I’m sorry you are hurting, but come on!  Cry to your friends and write a blog, like normal girls do!

Anyway, last night is when I felt like I boarded the crazy train.

E met her at his house, so she could get a few things that she conveniently, I mean, accidently left there when she moved out and returned her key.

These are just a few of the gems that came out of her mouth to him last night, and she reiterated it all in text later last night.

  • I’m really glad you are happy E, I just wish it would have been with me.
  • Please let Andi know how sorry I am about being a crazy, jealous bitch.
  • Tell Andi it’s ok to unblock me now on Facebook, I want to see the things she tags you in.
  • I think in the future, we would all be really good friends.  We could hang out!
  • On Monday nights, when she watches the Bachelor, you should come over!


None of this shit will happen.

I am not unblocking her.   You can’t always get your way.

I don’t care if you are sorry.  Crazy, jealous bitch can’t just be undone.

We aren’t, in the future or anytime, going to be really good friends.  Nor will we “hang out”.

And I do not think my boyfriend will ever be ditching me and my kids on Bachelor Monday, to come hang out with you.

Stop Two: The Ex-Friend

I cannot remember how much I wrote about her.  My Ex-Friend.  We’ll call her BL.

I have known her for 13+ years.  We met right before I got married and at the time, she was happily married with three kids.  We clicked instantly.  The connections that we had and where we were in life, quickly turned our work friendship into a best friendship.

Through the last 13 years, we have both gotten divorced, had deaths in our families, watched our children grow.  Our children have messed up and gotten back on tracks.  But ultimately, we were there for each other.

She had become increasingly mean and negative.  She would flip out on her boyfriend.  She would flip out on friends.  I always supported her, because that is what friends do.

Well, over the last year or so, I have been the target of her aggression.  When she drinks too much (every fucking day) she says mean things, just with the intention of hurting others.

In January, we got in a huge argument.  Actually, she argued and I just listened, until I hung up on her.  She was drunk and pissed that I didn’t stay somewhere she wanted me to stay.  She started calling me a horrible friend.  Telling me that I hated her kids and our friends kids (which is NOT true) and then when I tried to talk to her, she just said “FUCK YOU!”  So I ended the phone call.

I will not take that kind of treatment from anyone, let alone someone who claims to love me and be my best friend.

I expected there to be a phone call in a day or two.  Something from her, apologizing for her behavior.

Almost two weeks later, my phone rang and it was her.

I didn’t answer.

No message.  No follow up text.

A week after that, another phone call.

I didn’t answer.

No message.

Then about an hour later, the text message came through.

She told me that I was a horrible friend.  That I had never supported her relationship with her on again – off again boyfriend.  She said that she had every right to be honest with me about what she was feeling and it wasn’t fair of me to be mad.  Then she proceeded to tell me that she had supported me through my “slew of one night stands”, that she held all kinds of secrets of mine, that she couldn’t believe I was saying negative things about her kids and our friends kids because I “have one perfect child”, and that all mothers thought their children were perfect.  She ended the text by saying that she no longer wanted to be a part of my selfish world.


I was livid.

I took a day to calm down and then I wrote this response to her:

I wasn’t going to respond to this text because it’s crap and you know it.  However, I have a few things I want to say.  You say that I never supported your relationship with XXXX, Although I’m the one that got you guys back talking all those years ago and have listened to you for hours and hours, tell me how horrible and mean he is to you.  So, like I have told you a thousand times, I just wanted you to be happy and if he’s the one, then so be it.  You think I’m selfish?  The friend who was there for you when you nephew passed away, when your sister had cancer, when your ex had cancer.  The friend that was there when you were struggling with your daughter and then happy to celebrate with you when she got things going good.  The friend who has traveled to every house you’ve lived in, but can count on two hands the number of times you’ve been to my house.  And yes, BL, I have made a lot of mistakes over the years and done a lot of things I’m not proud of but the biggest mistake was thinking I could trust a friend to not throw them back in my face.  We both hold secrets the other has told us, but the difference between us is that your secrets and mistakes are safe with me and always will be.  I have never and would never say anything about your kids or anyone else’s kids.  You know, as well as I do, that I have loved your kids since the day I met them.  I have heard those words come out of your mouth to others, more times than I can count.  You don’t want to be a part of my “selfish” life?  That’s fine.  I don’t need a friend who is cruel and nasty, just for the sake of hurting others.  Good luck to you.

I sent the message.


I don’t know if she saw the message or not.  She may have blocked me before that.  But I felt better sending it.  I don’t feel like I was nasty or angry or negative in the message.   

I was a little concerned that I may really miss her as a friend.  But a lot of my stress is gone.  I feel relieved not to have to worry every time my phone rings.  I feel relief because she couldn’t be happy for me, now that I finally found E and he’s wonderful to me.  She wanted me to be at her beckon call and didn’t like the fact that I wasn’t anymore.

I’m grateful that I have been able to get off this crazy train.

Neither of these stops matter to me anymore. 🙂







Things I Have Finally Learned at 40…

Every day, I try to learn at least one new thing.  Usually it is something little like “oh, they put in a new stoplight there” or “everyone has nipple hair”.

However, I have learned some good things and meaningful things, since I turned 40, a little over seven months ago.

  • True friends will be supportive of you.  They may not always agree with your decisions, but they will always support you.  When you are up or down.
  • I DO deserve to have a man who loves me unconditionally and doesn’t need me to “fix” him.
  • Women can be mean and heartless and bitchy beyond belief.
  • Even though Tinder is primarily considered a “hookup” app, you can still find true love.
  • Sometimes friendships just die.  People grow apart, they can’t be supportive of each other and they just end.  But, having said that, I also believe that friendships can just dissolve with no angry words being thrown around.
  • I look good with lipstick on.
  • You don’t have to know someone very long, to know that you are kindred spirits.  Both men and women.  Dating and friends.
  • I hate the word cunt, but have had to use it a lot lately.  Frankly, sometimes there is no other appropriate word.
  • For years, I have been programmed to think that skinny is what guys are after.  Turns out, not all guys want that.  Some guys do think women are sexy when they have a little meat on their bones.
  • I have also realized that friendships come in many forms.  You don’t have to see someone daily, talk to them on the phone or even have ever met them.  Sometimes you are just spirit animals with someone.

There are just a few things that I have learned.

I have found my love, lost a best friend and made a couple new friends, all since celebrating the 40th anniversary of my birth.

Oh, I also learned that a hair or two on your nipple, isn’t unheard of.

Random Thoughts On A Wednesday


It’s been a while since I had a random post to just catch up on some things.

I believe at one time, I tried to start Random Wednesday, but I’m either making that up in my head or Wednesdays got forgotten about.

Here’s bunch of nonsense shit from me.

For those of you who might be wondering, E and I are still together.  Last night, he told the roommate she had to move out and had 30 days.  She decided to move out this weekend.  Hold on while I try to contain my excitement!!

For those of you who told me to hang on and see what happens, I love you all!

For those of you who thought I was a lunatic for believing in him, I love you too.  But this relationship is proof positive of two things 1) when you meet the right man, situations can change, quickly.  2) Tinder may be considered a “hook up” app, but relationships can follow the “hooking up”.

On a related note, relationships can work when you put out on the first date.

Girls are mean.  I guess I should say that girls can be mean.

It’s very possible that a 13 year friendship has ended because of some mean things a “friend” said to me.  I refuse to apologize.  I didn’t do anything wrong.

After 13+ years, me getting married and subsequently divorced, her getting divorced, her daughter being on drugs and running away, her having shitty relationships, me having shitty relationships and her becoming a grandma, she was willing to throw the whole relationship away.  Poof.

She told me that I was a horrible friend, that she was tired of being there for me, that I shouldn’t have attended a birthday party that I was invited to and then told me “Fuck You”.  Ok.  Perfect.  I hung up.

I did nothing to warrant that outburst and frankly, this is far from the first time.  I will not contact her, will not apologize.  She owes me a big time apology.

Please remember, when you are drunk, your words can sting.

I am an avid Bachelor/ette watcher.

Fluff television?  Maybe.  All scripted?  Maybe.

Intriguing beyond words?  You bet!

A few words on Boring Bachelor Ben’s women:

  • The twins from Las Vegas are mentally WAY too young for Ben.  And annoying.  They have their occupation listed as “Twin”.  You aren’t getting paid for it, unless you are doing porn together.
  • Olivia is a crazy lady.  And I don’t mean crazy in a cute little way (like me), I mean bat shit crazy!  And she looks like Cameron Diaz, if Cameron Diaz did crack her whole life.
  • I was a little sad to see Lace go last week.  Her antics were the best.  She said “I’m not crazy!” like 483 times in the first three episodes, to Ben, to the camera and to the other girls.  That’s a sure way to convince someone.
  • I really, really like Becca.  She was on Boring Farmer Chris’ season and clearly he should have picked her, but he apparently is extremely attracted to Muppets.  Becca is stunningly beautiful, soft spoken, looks to stay away from the drama and is a virgin.  Go Becca!

I can’t really give much more of an opinion, because I cheated and looked on the internet to see who Ben chose.  Damn Reality Steve.

I look forward to the Extreme Boring!

I started writing a blog two years ago.  It was about dating and just getting feelings out.  It had a different name and I guess in a way, I was a little bit different person.  I wrote about dear friends dying of cancer and memories of my grandparents.  I wrote about struggles with anxiety and funny stories that I had gone through in my world.  I loved it.

I had to delete that blog and start over because of a small stalker issue.  I am sorry that I had to delete it and lose all the stories I had on there.  All the emotions that went in to those writings.

However, I can say, I cherish this new blog.  I cherish the people I have met on here and been able to form friendships with.  One woman in particular has become a confidant and a big supporter.  I love her for this.  She’s across the States from me and some days, I feel like she’s right here.  You know who you are…thank you.

That’s all in my random life right now.

I feel like I’m walking on clouds today.

If I Had Won The Powerball…

The Powerball Lottery drawing was last night.  It was like $83.5 bazillion.  I may be exaggerating that. 

At my work, we all put in a couple bucks and bought a bunch of tickets together.  So we could all clearly say “Fuck you!” to this company and storm out together.

The thought of splitting $83.5 bazillion, got me to thinking about what I would do if I won that kind of money.

So, without further ado, here is what I would do, if I was the Powerball Lotto Winner…

  1. Buy every ticket to a Luke Bryan concert and let him sing solo to me.  Yep.  I would shake it for Luke, while he shook it for me.
  2. I would pay my mom back the $1,627.00 I owe her.  I would even include interest!
  3. Buy tickets to see the Atlanta Braves play in every stadium in the USA.  Especially in Atlanta.  God knows, I should have gone years ago, but that’s a whole other blog post. 
  4. Travel with the Sacramento Kings for all 82 regular season games.  Ok, maybe not travel WITH them, but definitely fly around to support them in every game.  They may think it was weird to fly with them.
  5. I would buy my daughter and her sister the $2,000.00 meet and greet for Justin Bieber.  Oh, she’d love me more than she already does!
  6. I would buy myself a new car.  Nothing fancy.  Just a fully loaded Chevy truck.  Maybe a Tahoe.  I’m not a Lexus or Mercedes type girl.  Give me a slightly lifted truck, blaring some Luke. 
  7. I would buy a house with a little bit of property.  Not a big house.  Unless I hired a maid also.  Which I could do with a bazillion dollars.  I would also buy some pet goats and a miniature donkey.  They are cute as fuck.
  8. I would also buy my daughter and her sister a house.  But far enough away from mind.  You think I’m joking. 

Those would have been my big plans had I won some money.

Since we won NOTHING, I will continue to come to my work every day and enjoy reading everyone else’s blogs.

Going Back To Me

You meet someone.

You fall in love.

You move in together.

You get engaged.

You get married.

You love your day.  Your dress.  Your friends and family celebrate with you.  You party.  You may drink too much.  You may even almost get in a fist fight with a girl your new husband invited to the wedding.  Every one has a little different story.

You get back from your honeymoon.

Then it hits you!

You, as a woman, get the privilege (and trouble) of changing your last name, if your heart desires.

When I got married 13+ years ago, I did NOT want to change my last name.  I love my maiden name.  My parents seriously picked a badass name for me.

But, my husband wanted me to take his last name.  I guess maybe this was a conversation we should have had before marriage.  So more than eight months after the wedding, I very slowly started the process.

Social Security Card.  Check.

Driver’s License.  Check.

Bank Information.  Check.

Credit Cards.  Check.

Car Loan.  Check.

Utilities.  Check.

Subscriptions.  Check.

Guys, if you are reading this, maybe you should take your wife’s name.

You make appointments.

You take time off work.

You sit in waiting areas for hours.

All. In. The. Name. Of. Love.

*rolling eyes*

The marriage doesn’t work out.

You don’t have any kids together, so you make the decision to change your name back to your maiden name.

The judge agrees to let you do this.  (These days, a judge has to approve every name change)

Then you have to repeat the process above, to get everything changed back.

We filed for divorce in March of 2011.  We filled out the paperwork together, he paid the astronomical California court fee and we waited.

I received lots of paperwork in the mail.  Lots and lots and lots of it.  I put it all in a little file folder.  We weren’t fighting over anything, so I didn’t care much about it.  I finally got a court paper in the mail that was stamped by the court and signed by the judge.

Ok.  It’s over.


In April 2012, after I received the signed court paperwork, I looked online to start the process of changing my name back.

Social Security office:  Fill out paperwork and mail to the state with a copy of your driver’s license, your passport, your marriage certificate, your birth certificate, your first born, your actual right index finger and a certified copy of your divorce decree.  I’m sorry, what?!?!  What in the actual fuck does my divorce decree look like?  I don’t have one of those!!!

I called my ex-husband.  Do you have a certified divorce decree?  No?  What is it?  Are we still married?  What the hell?  Did we miss something?  Oh and by the way, if we are still married, I’ve cheated on you…A FUCKING LOT.

Ok.  I didn’t really say that last part to him, but I was thinking it.

I went online and saw that you can only get a copy of your divorce decree by going to the actual courthouse.  You can order birth certificates, death certificates, marriage licenses and whatever else the fuck you may need online, EXCEPT divorce records.


That was almost four years ago.

And I’m still legally going by Andi Married Last Name.


I took Wednesday off work to go to the courthouse and take care of this shit, once and for fucking all.  My mom was ready to accompany me, to keep me company during the long wait at the courthouse.  That’s what she says.  I think it’s because she knows I’m a procrastinator and probably wouldn’t really complete the damn task.

I woke up Wednesday morning and dug out the paperwork I had.

Low and behold, I had the correct paperwork all along.  I had been thinking in my head that a divorce decree would be a fancy certified something from that state that said “CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR DIVORCE, HERE’S YOUR DECREE!!”  You know, on some pretty paper, like your birth certificate or wedding certificate.


Turns out, they do not believe divorces should be fancy.

For anyone who might be curious and isn’t as naïve as I am, a divorce decree is just the final paperwork from the court that has everything listed on it and is signed off by the judge and stamped by the court.  There is not once mention of the word “decree” on the whole entire 12 page document.

So on Wednesday, my mom picked me up and I took my divorce decree to the social security office.  I changed my name.

Today, I took my divorce decree to the DMV and bank and changed my name.

I am finally back to me.  Finally back to Andi Maiden Name.

And I couldn’t be happier.