Need To Get Back

Writing has always been therapeutic for me.  As I assume it is for most people that blog.

When I started this version of my blog, I was not yet 40.  I intended on writing about dating, sports, reality TV and whatever else seemed to pop into my head.  It mostly centered around dating.  The losers I was talking to from the internet.  The wide world web of dickheads.  The liars, the losers, the freaks.  The really hot ones that would never be interested in a girl like me.

Shortly after turning 40, I met E.  I wrote a lot about him and the journey to us becoming a couple.  But since we’ve become “we”, I haven’t written much.  For a few different reasons.

The first reason is that when things are good, what am I going to say?  “Things are good.  E made me dinner last night.  Then we watched Survivor and went to bed”.  That’s not exciting.  That isn’t worth writing about.

The second reason is that when things are not so good, I’m worried that he will someday track this blog down and read it.  I don’t need that kind of shit.  Like a mother or brother reading your diary.  Who needs it?

I also have nothing interesting to say about sports.  Kings still suck.  LeBron and Curry were in the finals, AGAIN this year.  The Braves aren’t that good.  The Raiders are moving to Vegas.

Ooooohhhh, exciting writing Andi.  Bring on the followers and new comments.

“yes, the Kings are still bad and always will be”

“Go LeBron”

“Go Steph”

So here is my dilemma and I am sincerely looking for feedback.

Do I come on here when needed and vent about things that aren’t perfect in my world? Do I talk about how LaVar Ball is going to ruin his son’s career, before it even gets started?  Do I let myself vent (outloud) about the disaster that is Corinne and DeMario on Paradise?

I miss writing.  I miss the interaction.  I miss getting this shit off my chest, so I don’t take it home and eat an entire pint of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream.


7 thoughts on “Need To Get Back

  1. My advice would be to write about absolutely anything and everything that comes across your mind that you feel like typing out. It doesn’t matter the subject. Don’t worry so much about what people might want to read. I’ve always said that blogging is like talking to myself, and then realizing other people were listening. That method of thinking makes it easy to press Publish no matter what I write.

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      1. I absolutely loved some of your Kings teams from the early 2000’s. Forgive me if I am misremembering but I loved the era with Peja Stoyacovich, Vlade Divac, Chris Webber, Bobby Jackson, etc…… You HAD that Lakers series! Ahhhhh! That one still kills me.


      2. That was the year I moved to Sacramento and started watching the kings. Chris Webber has and will always be my favorite! We got screwed by the officiating in the 2002 western conference finals. I still hate the Lakers and Horry.

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      3. Yes! Good stuff. I need to research and reflect on that series, as well as all the Playoffs from that era. I LOVED that Kings team. You totally got screwed!!!!


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